This is a rare clip of Sandra Bullock winning an award in germany and her speech is all in fluent, very good german. very interesting and cool.:)For Translation read ahead! Edit The speech: Gosh, I’m so nervous cause over there on the floor lies my speech (she didn’t got that right though, instead of “Rede” [speech] she used “Sprache” [language]). Okay, we live in such glorious times, cause I used to be a waitress, I was a cleaning lady, then I was a disco dancer, then I was a dog’s coiffeur…who would have thought that all those jobs would lead me up to this stage some day? But this is the best proof for an audience which is so tolerant these days that even people like me have a chance. My mother always told me „Be original, Sandra” and it made me totally crazy as a child. But now I understand it, cause my mother was ahead of her time. And thank god she put that across to me before she left into a different world herself. So thanks. Thanks to…(and then a lot of names of her family I suppose. Uncles, aunts…probably a niece, cause she threw a “go to bed now” after one name.) Thanks enemy10585 and everybody else who translated it! 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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