Men start having problems with their prostate around age 50. This is why men should start seeing a doctor around age 40 for regular check-ups of the prostate. The reason actually is the prostate. The prostate starts to get enlarged as men age and then they start to see problems. Problems may even result in ailments such as cancer. The problems have to be taken care of as soon as possible. Problems can be symptoms such as loss of ability to urinate, frequent urination, sleep interruption for urination, pain or burning during urination, weak stream during urination, and anxiety as a result of urination problems. Anxiety can even lead to other ailments in the male body like depression and loss of confidence. The enlarged prostate can result in many horrible side effects. The prostate can inflame so much that it can block the bladder and the urethra causing the inability to urinate due to a blockage. Also, the blood flow can also be blocked causing erectile dysfunction. This can hurt confidence more than just with anxiety alone.

Saw Palmetto by itself, single handed, can help with erectile dysfunction, cancer, and all urination problems. In this product it is powdered and put in to pill form. This product is made with self grown product. The Saw Palmetto is farmed in the state of Florida. The capsules are filled themselves by product that is picked by hand. The Saw Palmetto is dried, powdered and put in to these soft gel tablets. The company has been around since the year 1996.

Other companies that produce product made for the prevention of cancer, impurities in the prostate, and problems with urinating use zinc or pumpkin seed extract to some extent the majority of the time. When companies do this, the Saw Palmetto in the mix is not able to be absorbed the same. It will not be as pure and potent as it would if it were in the capsule all by itself. Companies say that their ingredient list contains the correct amount that studies have said to be the correct amount but that is not always true. It is cut out partially by other ingredients that have not been included in this particular product. There is less room in the capsule most of the time so the full amount can’t be absorbed.

The amount is similar, but the results are way more effective and permanent if it is strictly Saw Palmetto. The prostate will be taken down in size and a lot of the urination issues will be either slowed or stopped.

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