When providing costumers information about a product, the best method of showing that it can be effective is giving proofs such as pictures and actual videos. As an example, diet pills or acne-reducing programs show before and after images of their users to give people the idea of what to expect from their products. In the case of  Extenze results pictures, this method of providing customers with proof might not be a very feasible option.

The first thing that is of concern in this aspect is whether or not users are comfortable in showing their male members to other people. It is said that there were studies conducted for Extenze involving around 50 male volunteers to test if the product truly works.

In addition, the users of this male enhancement product want to keep it as discreet as possible because they find it a little embarrassing to tell people that they are using the product. The best you can get from users is their statements about their experiences regarding the effects of the supplement.

In some cases, there are photographs that were posted in various sites that show the before and after pictures of random penises. Some observers pointed out that what they noticed is that most of the pictures were just the flaccid and the erect states of the penises. This does not really prove anything in relation to the effectiveness of Extenze as a male enhancement supplement, because the phallus truly “grows” from its flaccid state as erection occurs.

To compensate for the absence of  Extenze results pictures, the creators of the supplement made sure that it has undergone legitimate evaluation processes such as getting a certification from regulating bodies that govern the sales and distribution of male enhancement pills. This way, the safety of the users is ensured and they can have the assurance that the product will not be bad for them.

It would truly be better for consumers to see the actual effects of Extenze through photographs of enlarged male members resulting from its use, but it is much more important to abide by the ethics that is mandatory in using the Internet.

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