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GUCCI Hysteria Collection Rare Python Skin High Fashion Designer Handbag FACEBOOK Link: www.facebook.com TWITTER LINK: www.twitter.com HELLO! Welcome to VivaLaDolceVida! I created this account to share my love of high fashion designer handbags with everyone out there. I have many beautiful, rare, amazing, handbags, that a lot of celebrities have and I would love to share them all with you throughout my stay here on YouTube! Please feel free to check my other videos. We will discuss and show beautiful pieces of couture from the fashion houses of FENDI, GUCCI, DIOR, PRADA, LOUIS VUITTON, BURBERRY, VALENTINO, CHANEL and much much more! This amazing video showcases the magnificent and rare GUCCI Python Skin Satchel Handbag from the wonderful and epic HYSTERIA 2008 Collection. This handbag is 100 percent genuine pink and brown toned glazed python skin. It has the enamoring GOLD Gucci Coat of Arms Plaque placed right in the middle of the handbag. It is a sensational piece that will truly captivate anybody wearing it, along with captivating everyone else in the room as well!! I hope you enjoy this handbag, as much as I enjoy it! God Bless xoxoxoxo

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