Braveheart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to the classic 1995 film, Braveheart. The film starred Mel Gibson as William Wallace and was also directed by Mel Gibson. The score was composed and conducted by James Horner and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Tracks listed below: 1. Main Title 2. A Gift of a Thistle 3. Wallace Courts Murron 4. The Secret Wedding 5. Attack on Murron 6. Revenge 7. Murron’s Burial 8. Making Plans/Gathering the Clans 9. Sons of Scotland 10. The Battle of Stirling 11. For the Love of a Princess 12. Falkirk 13. Betrayal & Desolation 14. Mornay’s Dream 15. The Legend Spreads 16. The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life 17. ‘Freedom’/The Execution/Bannockburn 18. End Credits Please remember to support such quality by purchasing all your music legally! =)
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