It took me a while to make it so i hope you enjoyed(: subscribe rate and comment please(: A few factors you should know: 1.) Some may have a bit makeup on it. Its really hard to find some pictures 2.) I couldn’t put every single actor. I may have forgot some or i didn’t know them. Right after i finished the video and was uploading it on YouTube i realized another actor i could’ve put on:( 3.) Some of the pictures i wasn’t sure entirely if they had on makeup or if they didn’t so i put them on anyways. 4.) If you plan on taking my video and doing something with it you will have to ask permission first otherwise i will definitely report (like what i did to some guy) 5.) If i dont answer someone im so sorry. I may be busy and not be on youtube for a while Watch my other videos please(: PS i might be creating another video THANK YOU(:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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